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Did you know that the key to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy heart? How often do people indulge in irresponsible lifestyles, ignoring the pleas for help from their bodies? Such actions will have repercussions in the form of heart disorders. Not just lifestyle but genetic and other environmental cues affect heart health adversely. How does one tackle this?

At Artemis Cardiac Care, we offer world-class treatment to get rid of heart disorders and help every patient lead a healthy life in the best possible way. Our holistic care will improve heart health, thereby ensuring the quality of life. Artemis Cardiac Hospital Gurgaon works with this vision in mind.

We are the first ever hospital to be a part of the Joint Commission International (JCI). Artemis Cardiac Care Gurgaon has a team of wonderful physicians experienced enough to deal with severe heart disorders. You can be sure that they will not falter when faced with a case of significant importance.

Our cardiac facility in Gurgaon is in an accessible place, easily visible to patients in need. We are proud to say that we have experienced senior doctors and well-qualified professionals on our healthcare team. With a combination of experience and talent, we focus on providing the best course of treatment to all our patients.

Cardiac care services at Gurgaon

Artemis Heart Hospital Gurgaon has some of the best services in the area. We offer services such as non-invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, percutaneous valvular interventions, and electrophysiology. 

Not all cardiac treatment plans involve surgeries. The age-old misconception of associating every cardiac disorder with surgery is slowly changing. A non-invasive cardiology technique makes use of scans and medications and regular monitoring of heart health. At Artemis, we have top-notch equipment for non-invasive cardiology treatment.

Ever wondered how structural damage to the heart is treated? At Artemis, we use flexible catheters to non-surgically repair damages to heart tissues. The common procedures we use are angioplasty, coronary and radial angiography, etc. We have the most efficient team of professionals to get these procedures done smoothly.

Electrophysiology, or the study of electrical properties of tissues and blood to find underlying causes for unexplained symptoms, is an efficient method to diagnose diseases. These studies help to grasp the severity of a disorder and treat it with the required urgency. Pacemakers and other ICD implantation come under this type of treatment. We are well-versed in the implantation of combination devices as well.

Valve damages are quite common among cardiac disorders. To treat these damages, repairs are done surgically by experienced physicians. Our doctors take part in valve replacements and treat aneurysms. Our group of surgeons and staff efficiently does Valvulotomy of both aortic and mitral valves.

Types of cardiac care we offer at Artemis

At Artemis, we take pride in the different featured treatment options for various cases. Here are some treatments which focus on the overall wellness of a patient.

Heart attacks can happen in varying degrees. Some people experience mild attacks which may not even be recognizable. In other cases, people experience severe attack symptoms, even life-threatening. The key to treating this is to provide immediate care. When a patient with the symptom of an attack is brought to our facility, our number one priority is to offer the quickest treatment. We waste no time evaluating different treatment plans and treat the case as an emergency.

We train our doctors to act quickly in emergencies. They unblock the arteries to relieve the symptoms and prevent further damage. Our physicians minimize the Door as much as possible through their instant treatment delivery. The international standard of Door to Balloon time is 90 minutes, which has been outdone by our expert doctors, attaining 28 minutes. Our robust system of dealing with emergency cases and providing fast assistance makes us one of the top hospitals of cardiology in the area.

Our clinic functions as a heart failure clinic housed by experts in the field. This is usually held every week to educate everyone about the treatments and diagnosis of heart failure. Heart failure is no small feat, and understanding the involvement of different evaluations is crucial for dealing with it better.

The clinic includes a small team of talented and driven cardiologists to explain the potential risks associated with heart failures. We include dieticians to educate about the original foods that can enhance heart health. We also provide rehabilitation care professionals in the clinic for maximum understanding. Each professional offer personalized care to the patients regarding cases of heart failure.

We often host arrhythmia clinics at our Cardiac Care Center in Gurgaon to detect and deal with patients who show arrhythmia. As the Best Heart Hospital in Gurgaon, we make use of radioactive ablation to treat our clients. Any analysis and studies are carried out by electrophysiology experts. Each patient is treated based on the best course of action for them to enhance their healing process.

A cardiac rehabilitation centre helps individuals who suffer heart attacks and their side effects. People often lose different motor or cognitive abilities post-heart attack and require expert assistance to recover. Patients may even suffer from the trauma of having to experience a heart attack unexpectedly. They will require aid to get a hold of the situation. We offer the best rehabilitation facilities at our Top Cardiac Hospital in Gurgaon. We have certified trainers and professional supervisors qualified to train the patients and accustom them to a better lifestyle. The trainers provide individual attention to each patient and help them get better.

Artemis Cardiac Care in Gurgaon is a complete destination for all heart-related diseases and disorders. We take pride in providing personalized care to all our patients. We aim not to let a heart disorder inhibit your right to lead a happy and content life. We strive to treat the disorders in the best way possible to improve your quality of life!

Dr Sanjat Chiwane

Sr. Consultant – Cardiology

Dr. Sanjat is amongst the best Cardiologist in this part of the world, with tremendous experience of expertise gained at top hospitals.

Dr Kuldeep Arora

Sr. Consultant – Cardiology

Dr Kuldeep Arora is Senior Consultant Cardiologist in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, he has 16 years of experience in interventional cardiology.

Dr Ashish Gupta

Dr Ashish Gupta

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Ashish Gupta is a well renowned doctor in the field of Cardiology and is well proficient in non invasive and interventional cardiac procedures. He is performing a high number of cardiac interventions including life saving primary angioplasty in acute heart attacks, complex coronary interventions, pacemaker and ICD implantations.