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The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. It pumps blood that is required by every living cell in the human body. The muscle that pumps bloods throughout your body while your heart beats is the core of your circulatory system. All of your body’s parts receive oxygen and nutrition from this bloodstream, which also removes waste materials and excess carbon dioxide.

The importance of the heart extends to lifestyle, too. When the heart is damaged, it affects our daily functioning significantly. To treat any disorders of the heart, we have many cardiac facilities in our country. Artemis Cardiac Hospital New Delhi is one of the leading hospitals for heart care.

At Artemis, you get a multi-disciplinary approach to cardiac care. Our Cardiac Care New Delhi branch deals with all kinds of diseases and disorders related to the heart. Whether it is an issue with the valve or structural damage, our dedicated team will find the underlying cause and treat it efficiently.

We specialize in our branch in New Delhi to deal with all heart-related abnormalities. Be it a genetic disorder, lifestyle disease, or a completely unexpected change because of the environment; our doctors are competent to handle it with professionalism and dedication. No patient will feel neglected or not taken care of, and it is something we stand by. Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare for every cardiac patient that seeks help from us.

We are quite proud of our practices that abide by all the ethical considerations related to cardiac care and general healthcare. We have extremely strong doctor-patient confidentiality, which is maintained strictly without exceptions. Our honest team of doctors will always prescribe the best course of treatment for every patient. Depending on the severity of the case, we devise treatment plans involving medication, counselling, awareness, and surgeries.

One major factor we take a lot of pride in is the Door to Balloon time at our facility. The door-to-balloon time measures how long it takes for a catheter to cross the affected area in the diagnostic and interventional lab after a patient with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction arrives at the accident and emergency department. For patients having a primary percutaneous coronary intervention, the current recommendations to treat STEMI show a D2B time of 90 minutes or fewer. Our doctors have an average D2B time of 20 minutes, which is more than 4 times less than the standard time.

We offer the best healthcare in the cardiology department to all our patients, including emergency care. After all, a heart attack can occur when you least anticipate it, and a lot can happen based on how quick help is received.

Services offered by Artemis Cardiac Care

There are several approaches to cardiology treatments. Not every method is fit for every disease. Finding which is the absolute best for each is a decision that an expert doctor can only make. At Artemis Heart Hospital New Delhi, we have the best doctors gifted with the skill of an expert cardiologist in diagnosing diseases accurately and curating suitable treatment plans.

Our interventional specialists accomplish intricate and sophisticated methodologies to deliver care to people with cardiovascular disease, valve imperfections, or abnormal development using the most recent technology, techniques, and complex medical advancements, such as coronary angiography, aortic valve replacement using catheters, and mitral valve replacement and repairs. We have world-class equipment to conduct these procedures without fault. Our experienced doctors are competent in these procedures to successfully do it in case of emergencies, even. 

In this type of service, many techniques are used for cardiac care without actually performing invasive surgery. Some examples include nuclear cardiology, where cardiovascular defects are studied using radio imaging techniques. In echocardiography, we employ ultrasound waves to form images of the heart structure. These images help detect any abnormalities in the structure, valve structure and even in the function of the heart and its valves.

Our doctors also carry out stress tests at our Cardiac Care Center in New Delhi. These tests help monitor heart health for good and find any unnoticeable information pertaining to the functioning of the heart under physical stress. This information can be highly useful in determining the heart of the disorder. An expert physician can diagnose a disease with this information.

Holter monitoring is another one of our specialities. These are heart monitors to record the events of the heart. Using the information from a Holter monitor, a specialist can analyse the functioning of the organ. Like a recorder, the monitor records every little heartbeat and activity for the desired time. As the Best Heart Hospital in New Delhi, we have world-class equipment for such monitoring.

Cardiac electrophysiology is a tried and tested technique for using electric currents to replicate a heartbeat. This is used to analyse and find any possible defects in the functioning of the heart. Our expert professionals are trained to find any slight variations in heart functions with the help of data from these studies. We take pride in being a Top Cardiac Hospital in New Delhi with some of the best cardiac specialists in the country.

Important features to know about our facility

Artemis has a holistic approach to taking care of heart health. No matter the situation, overall wellness is the ultimate aim. For this, we have so many beneficial features that we offer to our patients. One of them, in particular, is the clinical pathway for heart attacks. 

Clinical pathways for heart attacks

A heart attack comes unexpectedly. The symptoms may be mild or strong depending on the age and health condition of the patient. Sometimes it may even be negligible. But in most cases, the patient would rewire urgent medical care. Our heart attack clinics have the best care for emergencies. 

All the doctors and medical staff are at their disposal in all emergency cases to start the treatment right when the patient is brought it. Never-ending waiting lines are not a characteristic of our emergency unit as we have enough staff to take care of every individual case and provide immediate attention. 


Place your trust in Artemis Cardiac Care for all heart-related issues you or your family may face. We believe in a complete cure for every patient, letting them live a happy and healthy life thereon. 

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Dr. Subrata Lahiri

Dr. Subrata Lahiri

Director – Cardiology

Dr. Subrata Lahiri is an experienced cardiologist With 20+ Years Specialize in Interventional Cardiology. He provides high-quality care for his patient. He’s the “Director cardiology” in the Parmanand Artemis Heart Centre, New Delhi that specializes in heart disease care.

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