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Did you know that heart is one of the most important organs in our body? It is the primary and only organ to pump blood to all the living cells inside. Have you ever wondered what happened without blood being pumped regularly? Cells would lack oxygen and all other nutrients and eventually die of starvation or asphyxiation. Now, that is not exactly desirable. At Artemis, we aim to give your heart the best care possible. Our Cardiac Hospital Bikaner houses some of the leading experts in cardiology to assist you in every way possible.

As one of the best cardiac hospitals in town, we have a team of dedicated and driven individuals known for the exceptional care they provide to every patient. We guarantee our Cardiac Care Center Bikaner to will heal your heart in the most natural way possible.

We are a Joint Commission International or JCI accredited hospital with a talented bunch of doctors and healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on being a Top Cardiac Hospital in Bikaner. At Artemis, you will be stress-free as you will be in excellent hands. You can lead a happy life with a healthy heart with our care.

Medicine is a difficult skill to master. Needless to say, we have some of the best talents in the cardiology medicine industry. We have several years of experience, and you can benefit from consulting senior doctors for expert opinions. All our professionals are enthusiastic about saving lives and families every day.

Artemis Cardiac Care Bikaner aims provides the best quality treatment to heart patients. Our mission is to not compromise on standards ever and extend our unending service to every client in need. We pay great attention to detail in all our diagnosis and treatment plans to ensure that we cover all the spectrum of health, providing an overall healthy life along with a super-healthy heart. We begin our care from the moment you contact us to the very last second when you leave satisfied with our service. You can expect endless guidance and quality care through every stage of treatment, not just during consultations. We are recognized as the Best Heart Hospital in Bikaner, and fairly so with the ethical and skilled treatment offered.

Our Bikaner branch is known for its extraordinary treatments and homely care. We look into every case with much detail and devise the most effective treatment plan combined with medicines, surgery, lifestyle changes, or combinations of these. You will benefit from our treatment, both physically and mentally. We never waver from our goal of providing the best cardiac care along with ensuring the overall wellness of the patient.

Services offered

At Artemis, we provide the best cardiac care services. Here is a list of all the services we offer at our Bikaner branch.

Non-invasive cardiology is a specialized service included in cardiology that primarily focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases related to the heart without the use of surgical methods. We make use of tests and evaluations to diagnose a disease. A major advantage of non-invasive cardiology is that a physician will try to curb the disease with the use of mild medications and changes in lifestyle for better health, rather than rushing the patient for surgery. We make use of the most modern devices and technologies for monitoring heart health.

Interventional cardiology is another non-surgical option in cardiac care, where catheters are used to set everything right. It can repair any damage in the heart vessels or arteries by inserting flexible catheters. It can also take care of structural damage to the heart. At Artemis, we have some of the country’s leading physicians to detect and treat cardiac damage through interventional methods. We offer Coronary Angioplasty, Coronary and Radial Angiography, Carotid Angioplasty, and Peripheral Angioplasty.

These are procedures to repair any damage that is suffered by the heart valves. Our expert surgeons are reputed for their successful surgeries such as Aortic Valvulotomy, Balloon Mitral Valvulotomy, Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement, and Septal Alcohol Ablation. We use stent grafts to treat aortic aneurysms as well. At our cardiac centre, you will have the safest surgeries done by experienced surgeons.

Electrophysiology is the method of using blood and tissues to study their electrical properties to get a hold of heart disorders. These properties give insights into how severe the damage is and what treatment would suffice. At Artemis, we have world-class facilities to handle Radio Frequency Ablations, Pacemaker Implants, ICD implants, and combinations of devices implants.

Highlights of Artemis Bikaner Facility 

Our Heart Hospital in Bikaner is one of the leading cardiac care hospitals in the area. We work to offer a universal approach to cardiac care at our branches. Some of the key highlights at Artemis are heart attack treatment, rehabilitation care and heart failure treatment.

Treating a heart attack should be considered immediate and urgent. A person who suffered a heart attack will experience repercussions which can be as dangerous as paralysis. These cases are mostly temporary and can be treated with immediate care and rehabilitation. But what happens when someone experiences the symptoms of a heart attack?

When a patient with the symptoms of a heart attack is brought to our facility, our professionals focus on giving quick attention to not endanger the patient’s life. Our competent clinical pathways are renowned for offering quick relief to the patient and relieving the symptoms without causing further damage.

At Artemis, we provide state-of-the-art facilities for rehabilitation for a patient who suffers severe heart failure. We have a team of experts to train the patients in various aspects of after-care. With a fine lifestyle and required exercise, the supervised rehabilitation care we offer is highly fruitful to all patients.


Artemis Cardiac Hospital in Bikaner guarantees top-quality treatment by the best physicians. We flourish on your trust in us, and in return, we provide comfort in your times of need. Our goal for the future is to build on trust and continue improving our services for the best experience ever!

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Gaurav mathur

Dr. Gaurav Mathur

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Gaurav Mathur is a Consultant Cardiologist holding more than 5 years of experience in the field of cardiology (both clinical and interventional).  He initiated the culture of doing high risk and complex cases in bikaner like Left main plasties(ostial and bifurcation), peripheral angioplasty including carotids; rotablation; IVUS OCT AND FFR guided angioplasties, Pacemakers AICD CRTD etc. 

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