Heart attacks

Heart Care Hospital has been reporting for several years now that heart attacks are increasing day by day. This alarming increase in heart attack ratios has affected not many lives and caused many to lose their lives as well.

People here in India are trying to copy the western lifestyle, which is causing them to reach closer to the risk of having heart attacks. Every 1 out of 5 people in India is at risk of a heart attack, given the accompanying lifestyle.


Heart attacks have a bigger impact on your life. Here is how


Understanding heart attacks:

Heart Care Center defines a heart attack as a situation where the heart does not get enough blood to pump and thus damaging the veins and arteries attached to the heart. The chambers inside the heart try to contract to get more blood from the body. If the damage is severe, it can result in the stoppage of the heart muscles, thus taking away the life of the person.


Risk involves life-threatening damages:

The cardiac muscles are designed to pump blood in the whole body. It is made up of 4 chambers and various nerves. If there is any blockage in any of the nerves that take the oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the heart, there is a risk of having heart disease. This heart disease may further results in serious illness like paralysis or an even greater risk of damaging the heart vessels permanently.


Heart Hospital in Patna has warned people of the potential risk involved in cardiac diseases. People who have higher levels of cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure are at the potential risk of having a heart attack. Heart attacks reduce the quality of life of a person.


Lower quality of life

A person who may have heart disease is highly recommended not to go to loud places. Loud noises can cause the heart to beat faster, and for a person who may have heart-related problems, the risk is life-threatening. Parties and clubs are strictly prohibited for such people because of the high sound levels at these places.


Stairs are also not preferable for such a person with a weaker or damaged heart. Activities such as going up or down a staircase can be physically high-energy work that needs the heart to pump more blood. The harder the heart beats inside the chest, the higher the risk of getting a heart attack. Cardiac Hospital in Patna recommends people with heart disease do lighter physical activities, such as brisk walking and using elevators rather than stairs.


Emotionally damaging

A heart attack may be emotionally damaging for a person, as recovering from its aftermath is extremely hard. Not just a person who has suffered a heart attack is emotionally damaged, but the loved ones are also traumatized as well. The emotional well-being of a person is severely damaged. Fear of another attack is always in their minds, and their loved ones are also worried most of the time.


Heart health can even cause a person to be extremely cautious about living a normal life which that person may have been living earlier. With a heart attack, lifestyle and fooding habits change. A person is recommended to take precautionary by Top Heart Hospital in Patna measures to live a normal life ahead.


Recovery from the attack

The heart muscles can take a good amount of time to recover from the damage that has been done. This recovery phase is marked by the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of a person as well.


A person with a heart attack may have one or more than one nerve that has been damaged due to cardiac arrest. This will further increase the risk of the patient having another heart attack as the muscles have already gone weak and are prone to arrest.


Cost and expenses

Heart surgeries are expensive, especially if you come from a middle-class background. Even if a person with a high source of income has to go through a lot of surgeries related to the heart, there may be resurrection surgeries for the arteries that have been damaged.


Heart Care Hospital recommends people go through surgeries that can open the valve of a blocked aorta or a ventricle tissue. These surgeries are not only expensive, but they are least likely to prevent you from further heart attack risks as well. Experts say even after heart surgeries, people need to be careful about their heart health and try to take precautions such that there is a low chance of getting another stroke.

Changes in lifestyle

A person who has suffered a heart attack is advised to do some changes in their lifestyle. Such a person is recommended to eat healthy food which is enriched with fibres and unsaturated fats. Such foods are good for maintaining heart health as this food lowers the level of cholesterol in the body and maintains healthy blood pressure.


A person with diabetes is strictly forbidden to eat unhealthy food like junk foods, processed foods, refined foods, high-fat dairy products, and carbonated drinks. Alcohol, smoking, and any kind of medication is a definite ban for such kind of people if they want to live a longer life, as recommended by Heart Care Center.


Maintaining a healthy weight

Since heart attacks have already reduced the ability of cardiac muscles to work efficiently, working out gets hard. A person who has suffered a heart attack is recommended not to lift heavy weights to lose weight or do any other activity.


High-energy activities such as running, horse riding, speed driving, and any such adventurous activities are not for a person who has suffered a heart attack. Doing such activities add to the risk of having another heart attack as well.



A person who has suffered from a heart attack is not only emotionally scarred but also physically damaged. Such a person is advised not to do a lot of activities such as mentioned above. If you are someone who has suffered a heart attack, please visit a cardiac hospital for more insights.